Partnerships Testimonials

“At Partnerships my mom has activities; dancing, singing, crafts and there is laughter. She has a life of her own, and is no longer sitting at home alone in front of the TV.”

“I feel relieved and I know she is being cared for while I am working.”

“Community is critical to well-being, and Partnerships provides community.”

“If you have Parkinson’s Disease, you know that administering your meds ON TIME is critical for your comfort. None of this nonsense of +/- 1 hour window that is allowed by CMS is practiced at Partberships. Partnerships is small enough to allow the nurses to give your meds on time, as your doctor prescribed.”

“My grandfather has dementia and can’t safely be by himself. Partnerships is a safe place and atmosphere to connect in ways that are important to him.”

“At home my mom watches TV until bored, then stares into space. Partnerships is her community. Here she is with other people like her, so she has a sense of belonging and isn’t left out because she can’t keep up.”

“My mom sleeps a lot at home. When she’s here, she socializes and participates in activities and misses everyone when she’s not able to come.”

“My wife was discharged from another agency because of her decline. I’m thankful that Partnerships cares for elders with advanced dementia and accepted her.”