Executive Director

Partnership Executive Director Victoria (Vicki) Crocco has been with Partnerships for 17 years, serving now as executive director. Vicki works with a smile and the passion and energy to put our clients’ needs first and to be a resource to caregivers. Vicki has performed in many capacities throughout her years at Partnerships including as deputy director, interim director, and administrative assistant.

Vicki grew up right in the Whitneyville area of Hamden. A graduate of Stone Business School, she worked for over 20 years for Yale University before leaving to start a family. Once her little ones were old enough, Vicki agreed to help a family member with a short-term position at Partnerships and never left.

“It was supposed to be two weeks, but my love and respect for Partnerships’ Center, staff, clients and their families was immediate. And here 2022 marks 17 wonderful years with Partnerships my home away from home!!!”

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